My First Post 1/3/15

Not sure if this will be a positive outlet or what. i just know i have a lot on my mind and instead of posting about it on social media i’ll post a positive alternative here and give advice to go along with whatever is going on in my mind at that moment. I know that many people that i know may never read these posts and that may be a good thing for now until something is written that is worth sharing. I have been wanting to start a blog fora long time now and i often have many thoughts swimming in my brain so from now on i’ll just blog it. There will be short posts, and long posts, posts about sadness, and posts about happiness, but whatever the blog is about at that moment I just hope that someone somewhere can be encouraged by it. If anyone ever has any thoughts, questions, or comments feel free to reply ( if that is even an option on here. Lol new to wordpress.)


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