Being a Woman that’s worth Wifing

In this day and age getting married and staying married is a rare find. The divorce rates are at an all time high which is very sad. People get married for all the wrong reasons or they get married too quickly. A lot of times we find women complaining about the men and how they aren’t the perfect picture that we have in our minds and then when we start to despise them and the relationship ends up not working out we get frustrated because we aren’t even close to settling down, getting married, and starting a family. This morning as i checked my Facebook news feed i came across an article about women who are “keepers.” I found the list to be quite true. I believe that if we be a woman a man needs then GOD will take care of finding the perfect prince charming. Men are wired way differently than women are. No matter what you say women are the nurturers. They are born to take care of people and love harder than any other human being a.k.a. the male race. In order to be the women a man just can’t pass up or shouldn’t ever let go you must always always keep God as number one in your life. Pray often that God will change your heart. Change your heart in that you let go of all the bitterness from past failed relationships and hurts from previous men. If you punish the man that is trying to treat you right for the things another man did you will forever be unhappy. I have learned that God will send you the wrong ones so you may learn what you don’t want and definitely don’t need so that you may realize who the right one is when they come along. You must also pray for the changing of your heart to have the desire to be everything your future husband needs. As a women you have to find the balance between nagging and standing up for what you believe in. Never settle for less than what your standards are because you will always end up disappointed in the end. IF you don’t like something that a guy is doing or how he is treating you put your foot down and tell him. If you never speak your mind and always remain passive, if/when you do eventually start standing up for yourself they will not want to change because they are comfortable with the pattern you have let them fall into. Learn to speak your mind and let them know “hey i really don’t like when…” Another important quality to obtain as a women is to be BEAUTIFUL. Feel Beautiful. Every girl and women is beautiful in their own way. And i don’t just mean be beautiful on the outside, i mean the inside because that is what will matter the most. Be kind-hearted, be forgiving, be loving, be willing to give, Inside beauty is what will always remain. Outer beauty fades with age. Inner beauty will remain for a lifetime. That’s why i will always strive to fall in love with personality and kind hearts over nice abs, or height, etc. Looks should never matter that much. I mean by all means everyone i attracted to different sites. You must be attracted to you significant other but that is whole other argument. In order to be a women that a man wants to be with for the rest of his life you must love him with everything you have. I know this is a common sense thing, but i mean you must love him with all your heart. It should be God number one, spouse number 2. You must always always support him in his dreams and never tear him down on what he wants most out of life. Normally you would find someone that wants many of the same things you do. Never discourage him but encourage him. Be his number one fan and supporter through everything. Be the girl of his dreams, the one he couldn’t imagine his life without. In the end God will work it all out. IF you strive to be a woman a man can love then God will send a man into your life that you can’t live without. Until then be patient and work on yourself. In the middle of trying to make yourself better love will walk into your life when you weren’t even looking for it.


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