Why you should be thankful for your Ex

No matter how heart broken and awful my relationship was i will never regret it. I will forever be thankful for my ex. Yes, your ex hurt you or who knows maybe you were the heart breaker but either way at one point in time they were the ones to bring you so much happiness and were there to support you during the rough times of life. God is the director of our paths and He determines our plans and guides our steps. He allows all types of people into your life and they are there to help you, hurt you, love you, and most importantly teach you something. My ex yes ripped my heart to shreds but if I had the chance to do life over id still date him. He was a source of my happiness for almost 4 years, 2 years as my best friend and then 1 1/2 years as my best friend and as my boyfriend. He taught me many things. My ex was there for me when death struck my family and when my dad left and he was there when i needed to vent about things at home or the stress of school. So maybe he wasn’t the one i was supposed to remain with for the rest of my life but he definitely was a big part of my life. Without realizing it he helped me to realize that not all love lasts forever and the chances of you being that one in a million couple that marries their high school sweet heart is just that a one in a million chance. No matter if he wants to admit it or not i also taught him many things, how to be a good boyfriend. i just hope he actually takes the lessons lol. While i may still be healing and my heart may still be bandaged i may say things i don’t mean about him, but i honestly wish him the best in life. i know one day he will make a wonderful husband to the person he is meant to marry. You can’t really hate someone who you once loved dearly it just doesn’t seem plausible. You may be really hurt by them so you think you hate them but you really don’t. You hate what he or she did to you. Accepting this was really hard for me because i wanted to hate him i wanted mean and horrible things to happen to him so he would realize how much he needed me but life doesn’t work that way. I hope that one day if we run into each other on a street or in a grocery store that his life is happy and everything he hoped for i really do. I have forgiven him and i hope that he has forgiven me as well. No matter who in your life that has hurt you you must be thankful because they taught you a lesson that you needed to learn. God works in mysterious ways and that involves hurt sometimes along with the love. And honestly if it weren’t for my ex my views on certain types of men would still be dark. I would have never given certain guys a chance before him because they just weren’t “my type” but now a whole new area is opened to me. It may be hard at first but at one point you will realize that you can be thankful for the ex that hurt you in some way or another.


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