Valentine’s Day

I can’t sleep and i have been tossing and turning in my bed for the past hour so I figured why not blog? I haven’t posted in a while because a topic hasn’t crossed my mind, but tonight or really today one particular holiday keeps me awake. Valentine’s day is a wonderful day. A day to remind those you love just how much you love them—or mainly to remind THE ONE how much they mean to you and yada yada. I’m not opposed to this holiday so to speak i just hate that stores put the products out months in advance and its like a constant reminder to the single and newly single people that they will spend that year’s special holiday without someone special. It is just a lot worse for me because valentines was the day my ex asked me to be his girlfriend and this will be the first year without us being each others valentines. It really wouldn’t bother that much at all if i didn’t have a constant reminder everywhere i go that the holiday is approaching and that i will have to avoid social media that day in order to not become depressed from all the gifts others are getting from their significant others. I know i should get over this guy already but everyday i feel like i can finely breathe again and be done and away from him, something has to remind me of the good memories we shared. I can slowly feel myself starting to forgive him. I think that is what single candidates should do on Feb. 14. Start to realize that everything is for a reason and someday you will get to spend every day with the one who was made for you. Patience is a really hard thing to accomplish. Once we realize though that the wait was sooo worth it we will be thankful we decided to wait and be rewarded for not settling, So this Valentines Day i encourage all those who may be feeling down try not to make the day about not having someone else. Celebrate being single and realize that there are positives to that. We just have to see these positives. Being optimistic can make any situation a little better. Im going to try to make it that whole day without complaining or feeling sorry for myself because what good does that do it just makes me feel worse because i am drowning in my ow sorrows. Go hang out with all your single friends so that your mind isn’t on the fact that you are single and be grateful that you have these types of friends to keep you sane.


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