When It’s Time to Move On

For many girls, myself included, it is hard to get over someone we cared for so much. it is especially hard when it is a first love someone we were madly in love with. We as women are given a time period to cry and be sad about a breakup, but we can’t bother our friends with the sorrow forever. There is going to come a day when you have to stop allowing your wound to remain opened and vulnerable. You must allow healing so that you may move on. Some relationships are hard I get that. Allowing yourself to get over a breakup will not only help you but it will allow you to see the world in a new way. I am still fresh out of a long-term relationship. I am slowly but surely becoming healed and everyday is definitely a step forward. What i am beginning to realize is that there is so much in the work to do and to see. So that is why 2015 is my year of Firsts. I learn everyday how i should look at the world in a new way. We have to create our own happiness if you want to be happy. looking at someone else be happy will not make you any happier it will only make you envy them and make yourself sadder. So chin up buttercup. Today is the day you need to choose to not allow someone take a toll on your life anymore. Learn to live everyday as if it will be your very last one. Plan things to do and if you have to do them alone but do them, do something! Always remember that you should never feel like a relationship was a waste of time. Lessons are to be learned everyday. Just because something didn’t workout does not mean that the love once shared wasn’t real. It just simply means that feelings change and people most definitely change as well. In 500 Days of Summer a quote stating “Sometimes when people grow, they grow a part” comes to my mind. This quote couldn’t be any more accurate. It can also be applied to friendships or really any relationship between 2 individuals. Not all people are meant to remain in each other’s lives forever. We must remember that God is trying to teach us his divine plan and we have to allow for the hurt to teach us what GOD wants us to get out of life and to better ourselves as a person. So please stop crying, wipe your tears, and get out there. You are wasting precious time that you could be using to make a difference either in your life or in someone else’s.