When you start missing what use to be….What do you do?

Lately I have really been feeling quite lonely. I miss my ex so much. I don’t know that I miss our relationship, but I do know that I really miss my best friend. It has been hard for me especially to see that he has moved on and has another girlfriend way before I could even think about loving someone else. It really hurts that one day someone loves you with everything and then one day they wake up and they don’t anymore. My heart still aches for his touch sometimes. I don’t know if it is because i am so lonely or if i’m just craving for someone anyone to pay attention and love me, hold me, and be there for me. Either way it just makes me really sad that now some other girl gets to cuddle, kiss, and make memories with someone who use to be head over heels for me. I listen to “our songs” sometimes and just cry because it helps me to feel a little bit better. i reminisce on things so that it is half okay but I know i am just hurting myself but i can’t help it. I feel like if i had someone like he does then it wouldn’t be so hard to get over him. I am trying to be strong but it just isn’t working lately. It is very true when people say that love makes you stupid because it does. It makes you do things you normally wouldn’t. I would be lying if i said i was over him already i know i am getting there and that i eventually will not feel this way anymore, but i just want to more than anything to wake up tomorrow and be over it. For time to have skipped 90 days ahead and i didn’t crowd my mind with our good memories. Where i could hear his name and my heart not drop to the pit of my stomach anymore. I just really wish that it was easy getting over someone you love. It’s easy to think “I should really get over this guy already” but how do you tell your heart to stop loving someone. How? You may break up with someone but you don’t break up with your mind and all the memories and feelings. I am the type of person that loves love. I was not meant to be single forever. Now i know a girl should never depend merely on a guy that is NOT what i am meaning. i am just meaning that i am meant to love and care for someone and get that same love and care in return. I am a very sensitive and sentimental person and that is just who God made me. Sometimes i hate that i am this way but i know that it is for a reason. Love is something that can make you very crazy and it can drive you crazy. I am waiting for the day that i can feel butterflies again and love and be loved for the rest of my life. i know that God is writing my love story and i am awaiting the day i meet my future husband. i am trying to keep my head up and remain strong. I can’t cry over him forever but as for now i just wanna take it day by day. Love is definitely pain if it ends. It is weird how humans are, heartbreak is real and it is very much physical as mental and emotional. To all the those going through breakups, keep pushing forward. Remember that if you could love the wrong one this much just think how much you will one day love the RIGHT one. Be patient He/She is coming. Never settle just accept that the current situation wasn’t your forever.


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