When Mistakes becomes Choices

Everyone makes a mistake every once in a while. It is a part of life. It becomes a dangerous situation when that mistake you made becomes a choice that you KEEP making. Many times we get caught up in the fact that yes, “Everyone makes mistakes” but we can’t allow that to be an excuse to keep making the same mistake over and over. This is especially important when we KNOW we are in the wrong. The enemy likes to make these choices seem like they are okay when in fact they are not. They can not only hurt someone else they can also, deep down inside, be hurting you too no matter if you choose to admit it or not. Many times we choose to keep making these said mistakes because it gives a feeling of pleasure at the moment. Not realizing that these choices will come back to hurt you in the end. No matter how hard it may be, there will come a time when that choice needs to STOP being made. It is like sinning in a way. We are meant to sin on a daily basis, BUT we must try to live as much as possible a life that is pleasing to GOD. If we continue to commit the same sin we are not growing as Christ followers. When we make these mistakes or keep making the choice to continue doing what we know is wrong we are saying we would rather be dumb than to learn the lesson that is meant to be learned. Every choice or mistake made should be a lesson of some sort to everyone. Everything happens for a reason and yes we are allowed to make mistakes but when that same mistake keeps being made it no longer is innocent but becomes a choice we want to make.