Killing that Sorority Girl Stereotype

When someone brings up the topic of sororities people automatically think stuck up girls who party their college tuition away, have purging obsessions to be skinny, and just pay to have friends. A year ago I would have agreed with these thoughts because honestly, I thought the same thing. Joining a sorority or being a part of something this crazy was not something I ever dreamed of doing. When I heard the word sorority I thought of a rich, white girl who was stuck up and only wore the best designer clothes. Now, a member of a wonderful sisterhood, all these things are just stereotypes. When I started my college career I was introduced to the greek life and what it REALLY entailed. Being a part of something this wonderful has added so many positive things to my life in the short time I have been a sister. Yes, I did gain a lot of friends by becoming a member, but that is just one of the many plusses of the greek life. I do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on a book or a wasted class because I can now ask a sister to borrow her book or how this professor is and whether I should drop or take this class. A sorority allows you to have the advice of 100s of girls. You have people to mentor you and look after you. You have some sisters that you are closer to than others and these sisters are your future bridesmaids, future godmothers to your children, and so many other things. After being a member for almost a year now I couldn’t have been happier deciding to make the decision to join. I was very reluctant at first because it was against everything I thought but I am so glad now I decided to try it. Being a part of greek life also pushes you out of your comfort zone, which is something I desperately needed to do. You meet so many people and you have so many ties. This will help me with future jobs as well as many other things. They say to make your college years worth it and I seriously believe that this decision will. I am so excited to see what the future holds for me as a part of the greek life. My life in this community has just started and I can already feel myself becoming a bigger and better person because of it. Being in a Sorority allows you to learn more about yourself and become the person you are meant to be. I feel I can be myself without being judged. Being a part if a sisterhood allows you to learn to deal and compromise with different opinions and agree on a situation. You learn to work with others and make decisions for a group. It really is a rewarding part of my life.

“Their half my soul and half my heart, without my sisters, I’d fall apart.”


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