30 Day Writing Challenge Day 1: 5 Ways to Win My Heart

I’m going to attempt to stick to this 30-day writing challenge. I hope that I can get back here every day for a month lol. I first saw this on Pinterest and thought why not? It will give me an opportunity to write about different things. I hope you all enjoy!


Number 1: I would have to say THE MOST Important is someone who is so full of the Holy Spirit. In this day and age, you have these mediocre Christians who say they believe and follow God but do nothing to show it. Now I am not judging anyone because even I am not perfect. I fail God daily. I want to marry someone who lives for God or tries his hardest to. Someone who encourages me daily to continue on my walk with God even though it can get rough. I want a family who knows that we aim to serve Jesus and live out His Will and Purpose. I now in an earlier post I mentioned getting my life back on track with God because I had backslidden. I am still struggling with this and this is still in process. I say this because I don’t expect the guy to be perfect by any means because again no one is. I just want to know that God made him especially for me and that the marriage will be based on the one true love; Christ.

Number 2: “If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything.” This is one of my favorite quotes and it is so so true. To win my heart over you don’t have to be hilariously funny or anything, you just have to make me laugh and laugh often. Multiple times a day. Sometimes until my stomach hurts. This is one of my favorite things. To laugh. So a guy who makes me laugh will have me head over heals in love for sure. Now this isn’t the only thing, though. Don’t think that if a guy makes me laugh I’ll instantly fall for him. This is just a factor. When I am laughing I sometimes think just how much I adore the person who is making me laugh and this would be true for a guy as well. I want laughter flowing through my walls at home more than anger and yelling or arguing.

Number 3: After being in a relationship where saying what you mean and meaning what you say wasn’t important, it made me realize just how much loving with actions is important to me. So this brings me to number 3. I want someone who will not only express their love in words but also more importantly in their actions. Actions speak so much more loudly than words no matter what you say. They do. With this being said, I do not mean that they have to buy me gifts constantly or spend excessive amounts of money on me for that matter. A simple cute note on my bathroom mirror one random morning, a surprise phone call in the middle of the day just to say “I Love You,” a picnic on a Saturday afternoon, a walk in the park. Stuff like this. It can be free, it can be $10. All I care about is that you thought of me and wanted me to know. Make me feel special. Let me know every once in while that you are still just as in love with me as you were the first time you realized you were in love with me. Don’t make me wonder if you love me or not. I don’t want to wander, okay I been there done that.

Number 4: If you know me you know that I am very big on family. I am very family oriented and I love to spend time with my family. A guy who loves his family will definitely catch my attention. A guy who would win my heart would be one who puts his family first and finds them important. He also should respect his momma. How a guy treats his mom is a very good insight to how he will eventually treat you. Also, if a guy finds his family important, when it comes time to start a family of your own you know he will find importance in that family as well. I love my family dysfunctional and all and to find someone who also loves family will make me so happy.

Number 5: As servant heart is the last thing I’d have to say for this list. I love to help others. The feeling of helping those in need knowing you will not receive anything in return is so heartwarming. I love to see the faces of people who I help. I always try to be as selfless as possible and lend a helping hand to all those who need it. Somebody who puts others before themselves would have my heart in knots over him. I want to serve together as husband and wife. I strive to leave a positive mark on the world by helping others and to marry someone who shares this goal would be amazing because we could share it together. To make someone else happy makes me happy.

So there you have it 5 ways to win my heart. These are not the only things to win me over because like I said there are so many ways, but these are some of the most important to me.


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