30 Day Writing Challenge Day 2: Something I Am Passionate About

Something I am passionate about would have to be helping others. Like I said in yesterday’s post, there really is nothing better than seeing the smile on someone’s face after you have done something nice for them or helped them out. I feel that ever since I was younger I have always had a servant’s heart. I always want to help someone out and I never expect anything in return. Sometimes I find that it really lets me down when I can’t help someone in need. In situations that I have been through it only makes me want to help the person even more. “Measuring life by what others do for us may disappoint, but measuring life by what we do for others will add more meaning to our lives.” The human race is a race that will let you down left and right. Not everyone will want to do as much for you as you for them and focusing on this can cause you lose happiness. Instead, do for others as much as you can. Helping others can add happiness to your life. Not only will helping others make you happier it will also leave an impact on the world. This is something I want to do. I hope to be remembered by someone who always put others before myself. I strive to be selfless instead of selfish. Sometimes it can be hard to do but I try. I’ll leave with this quote- download


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