Catching up on this (now, not so) 30 Day Writing Challenge- Something I Struggle With

I believe that everyone struggles with many things and that for sure is true for me as well. One thing though that I would say is really hard for me is looking at the photos of others lives and wishing I was as happy as they are. They seem to look so overly happy in their photos so happy and in love. It is hard sometimes to see people have something that you wish yo had. I know they say that love will come when you least expect it so focus on something else, but this is very hard for me to do. All I want is to love and be loved in return. How others look in their photos isn’t the whole true story and I know that but sometimes yo can’t help but wish that you were in that place again. Whenever I start feeling this way or making myself feel this way for that matter by looking at others lives, it makes me start missing my ex, bleh. I do so well on any other day but days like these I miss it. Having someone who loved me and made me feel wanted. Often others do this too, compare themselves to others, and it only makes us feel bad about ourselves. Even if it’s not the love category maybe it’s how pretty they appear or all the “fun” they have on social media. Everyone has their behind the scenes that aren’t portrayed on social media. If we continue to compare our behind the scenes to others’ highlight reel we will always want to be someone who we are not and never see our own true beauty. I try to remind myself of this and you too must remember that not anyone’s life is as wonderful all the time as it may seem on Instagram or Facebook.