I Don’t know about You, but I’m Feeling Twenty-Blue….

I always wonder why I get involved with these guys that are known for sleeping around. Like in a way I feel bad for them because how can someone possibly be okay with themselves and sleep with countless people? Don’t you ever get tired of not having anything with someone? Do you ever get lonely? Do you even care? I’d like to think that you did care because if you didn’t then you are one heartless person. People say your twenties are the best years of your life, and in a way they really are. You are finding yourself, establishing a career, deciding what you want out of life. You know, really making a name for yourself. What they don’t tell you though is your twenties can be rough. Guys sure as hell don’t know what they want at this age so a committed, long-term relationship is quite rare. All it is is a game to them. Girls are so much more mature than guys, while we are thinking of our future they are waking up next to a different girl every night and sniffing clothes to make sure they are clean enough to wear one more time in a filthy apartment. You can’t really be mad either because that is just the way of life. It is just how it is supposed to be, I guess. On the other hand you have your friends who are in relationships and are starting to settle down. Your twenties are the era of weddings after weddings and when you are single it can turn into a drag. Honestly, I think its a lot harder to be a woman in this society because if we are just held to such different standards.

To Be Cont……



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