30 Day Writing Challenge Day 3: A Book You Love

Man reading is one of the things I really enjoy doing. To escape into a lovely story. To become a character and be in “their” world. It’s one of my all time favorites. Unfortunately, since I started college I have not been able to read as much as I like, but I hope to pick reading back up soon. As for a favorite book, that is such a hard question. There have been so many books that have changed my life and way of thinking. It is so hard to choose just one. My favorite genre of books includes: mystery novels, thrillers, crime stories, and love stories. Any type of fiction book within these is sure to entice me and pull me in. Usually when I get into a book I really love I am set for the night, not wanting to put it down. I will read a whole book in one night if I allow myself. One book I love that I will name is the Bible. Obviously because this book is the instruction to our life and the healing to our pain. The answer to our questions and doubts. F. Scott Fitzgerald and Steven King are a few authors I find myself reading the most. tumblr_nhdllzbf7B1u72ljqo1_500