The Difference between Skinny and Fit

As a girl weight is one of the biggest issues we have to endure. We are constantly told by society that in order to be beautiful we have to be a size 2 and have not an ounce of fat on our bodies. To me, that isn’t what we should strive for. Yes, certain women are built that way they are meant to be a size 2 and that’s okay. But as for the people that aren’t built to fit into a size 2 they need to stop believing they aren’t beautiful because of it. Everyone is different. Every body isn’t going to be small and slender. I once saw a picture of different women standing next to each other and they were all the same weight, but each of their bodies appeared differently. Weight should never define who you are. I am not condoning people to be obese either. There is a HUGE difference in being fit and being skinny. Being fit means you are healthy and you are at a weight that goes along with your height and bone structure. Women who are taller tend to be more slender that is just how it is. IF you are fit that is what should matter. As for the guys that call girls fat, they are ridiculous. You shouldn’t be with someone who only loves you for your appearance. That is definitely not husband material because you are going to grow old one day and these looks will fade. Always fall in love with someone who falls in love with your heart, your personality, your character, not your weight, abs, boobs, or butt. As girls we need to stop believing that beautiful is a look. No beautiful is a personality a kind heart. Stop doing extreme workouts to obtain a thigh gap. Stop throwing up and hurting yourself so that you can feel beautiful. YOU need to know that you are already BEAUTIFUL. Stop beating yourself up because you don’t have washboard abs or double D boobs. Women need to realize that God created us just the way we are. We need to love the skin we are in and the body that He created just for us. All this plastic surgery and dieting to achieve unattainable goals needs to cease. I didn’t always use to think like this. What society always told me made me look at outwards appearances rather than personalities. I changed my mindset to realize that I am beautiful especially in Gods’ eyes. Now i see the beauty in everyone. Everyone i pass is beautiful to me. Once you learn to love yourself for what you have you will always see the beauty in yourself. Everyone should change the way they think about body image and weight. Until then we will continue to live in a society where girls and boys at young ages end their lives because they could never feel good enough for anyone. It is really saddening that almost every commercial on television or billboard we pass on the highway is about how we need to change to be beautiful. What we need to remember is that you are already beautiful and you always have been. Strive to be FIT not SKINNY.


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