Freshman Year of College Down!

I have officially finished my freshman year of college and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I did it I made it through year 1! It is crazy to think that a year ago I was preparing to graduate from high school and I was scared out of mind as to what the next chapter of my life held for me. My first day of college was so nerve wracking and I seriously thought it was going to be so hard to adjust. Boy, was I wrong though! The first day I met 2 really great friends who I have a feeling will remain in my life forever. We had many classes together for the Fall semester and for Spring semester we had lunch once a week to catch up since, unfortunately, we didn’t have any classes together this semester. I will not play and try to make college seem easy because it is not. I have worked harder this school year than I have ever in my life. Many hours were dedicated to school which, sorry, is why I haven’t been posting as much. I am proud to have accomplished so much in a year. I can already feel myself maturing. I can not believe how fast it went either. I also am so glad I made the decision to join such an amazing sisterhood, DAS. This group of girls has definitely made my freshman year so memorable. College opens up so many opportunities for a person and I am so excited to see what the next few years on this journey are like. I can already tell the road to my first degree is going to be a blast. I can not wait to build memories with the many people who joined my life this past year and also with those I have yet to meet. This is just the beginning. Sophomore year is going to be even better. I am aiming for success and I always want to strive to be a better me than I was the day before. I only hope to leave a positive impression on the world. This all begins with a great education. So all the long nights and hours of studying I know will pay off. I will continue to push myself to become a better person every day. It is because of God that I am who I am. “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.” -Phil. 4:13


“One of the Hardest Things to do in Life, is Having to Let go of what you Thought was Real.”

I know what it is like to be head over heels in love for someone.I know what it is like to be so in love for someone you forget what it’s like to be yourself. I what it’s like knowing you would do anything, be anything just at the thought of making that person happy. When I was younger, I ALWAYS told myself I would NEVER let a guy cause me tears. That all changes when you find your first love. You feel as if they are the only person in the world that could ever make you happy. Every young girl thinks they will forever remain with this guy that is many, many times just a chapter in their book of life. Often times what you don’t realize is one day, you are going to wake up and things will be different.They won’t look at you the same. They won’t love you the same. They won’t act the same.They won’t be interested anymore. Things will become different. No matter how bad you want to believe that things aren’t different or how many times you want to lie to yourself to make yourself stay, things aren’t going to get any better. I know everyone must go through a heartbreak at one point in life or another, but it is nothing like experiencing it for yourself. Going through a heartbreak is like literal physical pain, it hurts. It hurts. Every day you just want to return back to the person you were pre-relationship and no matter what anyone tells you nothing seems to make the pain subside. I seriously don’t wish a heartbreak on my worst enemy. Now that my heart is healing and it doesn’t hurt to hear his name or see his face anymore. It feels good to know that I find myself realizing I haven’t thought about him once in months, that is a sign that it has passed and I am moving on and it feels so great. Now that I know what it feels like to be broken I try my hardest to help those experiencing it. I try to let them know that in time all wounds will be healed. I know that no words help, but I just want them to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Now that I am out of the relationship I can now see how unhealthy it was for me. Even though he never physically hurt me he hurt me in so many other ways. He did not treat me how I should have been treated and He definitely did not treat me how I would want my husband to treat me. God gave us a lesson on love and how love should feel and what love should look like and often times we get so caught up in a relationship we forget that. If you are constantly having to wonder if someone loves you or wants to be with you, you are definitely in the wrong relationship. I questioned my morals and I made decisions I otherwise would not have made had I not been in a relationship. i can’t dwell on mistakes, but can only learn that God crossed my path with my ex so that I could see the wrong person and be ready for the right person He is going to send to me. I didn’t see it then, but I see it now. God is so good and He will never steer you wrong. Trust in Him and He will always take care of you. So if you are currently in a bad relationship, going through a heartbreak, or feeling like there is no way to move forward, know that in time you will see that God is looking after you. He will not leave you. Continue to pray for guidance, especially in relationships. It is better to have room in your relationship for God so that the Devil doesn’t make way and end it with divorce. Unfortunately, I had to learn this the hard way, but now I know. With God, all things will work out in the right timing with the right people.